Your Choice Of Ceremony Wording

Marriage is the blending of two worlds to create one and weddings are a celebration of love and family, your ceremony should reflect that.  We personalize your ceremony to encompass the values of both you and your betrothed.  Your ceremony is a reflection of what you feel for each other.  


We have several ceremonies that you can choose from and even mix and match to make sure that what is said during the ceremony expresses your feelings for one another in words.

Unity Ceremonies


Each union is unique and a unity ceremony, whether it's a candle, sand, wine, communion, or something rooted in your heritage background; it is an element that can express who you are as couple.  Consult with your officiant or research the internet, we are open to your suggestions.

Commemorating Your Day


The ceremony itself can pass by in blur for the bride and groom.  Your custom worded ceremony the officiant uses during your wedding is yours to keep.



Our pricing is extremely affordable.  A consultation must be scheduled to hold your date.  Consultations can be over the phone or in person and are always free.


We factor in travel time and distance for rehearsal and the ceremony.  In some instances we need to factor in lodging.  We love to travel and look forward to meeting your families.  When contacting us for a price quote we need to know when the ceremony is, where it will be held, and if you are planning a rehearsal.



Elopements are small, intimate, informal ceremonies planned very quickly, often a wedding ceremony that you want to do today.    Because of the relaxed nature of this type of celebration, when available, an officiant can be ready fairly quickly to solemnize your marriage.


Some of our favorite local free sites for these ceremonies are your home, Idaho Fallen Firefighters Memorial Park, Kathryn Albertson Park, The Boise Train Depot, and the Idaho State Capitol Building.

Vow Renewals


Vow Renwals can be small intimate occasions or they can be large celebrations commemorating a milestone anniversary.  Couples choose to renew their vows for any number of reasons and we are glad to help you through the ceremony and planning process.  We've done intimate couple only renewals (some were even a suprise for one of the spouses) and large Silver Anniversary celebration renewals.

Payment Etiquette


It is recommend that couples prepare a thank you card and put the fee and any gratuity or gift amount in the card so that it can be presented to the officiant at the same time you present the marriage license.  If you have scheduled a rehearsal with the officiant, then the rehearsal is the best time to present the license and payment.  If you have declined a rehearsal, then task someone with presenting the license and payment to the officiant upon the officiants arrival (usually 30 minutes prior to ceremony start time), waiting until the end of the ceremony is awkward for everyone involved.  


For Ada County Jail Ceremonies and Elopements, please be ready with the marriage license and fee when the officiant arrives to perform the ceremony.

Jail Ceremonies

* A Marriage ceremony is not legally binding if conducted via a video visit.  According to Idaho and Oregon law, the marriage ceremony MUST be solemnized "in the presence of" the authorized and empowered Officiant.  The law interprets "in the presence of" to mean the couple, Officiant, and witnesses (where required) must be physically present, in the same room, without the use of any electronic means such as SKYPE, telephone (FaceTime), or other video communications for the wedding ceremony.***


Ceremony Approval

All marriage ceremonies must be pre-approved through the facility; the facility can revoke this approval at ANY TIME.  The inmate will be required to submit a form requesting permission to get married.  Reverend Laura is an Approved Clergy for Ada County Jail, Idaho Department of Correction (IDOC) Facilities (i.e., NICI and CAPP), and the Snake River Correctional Institute (SRCI) in Oregon. 

If your fiancé is at a County facility awaiting trial and there is a "No Contact" order in place, your request for marriage will not be approved.  A "No Contact" order is usually issued by the judge when you are a co-defendant with the inmate.  Please do not attempt to violate a "No Contact" order.

** Canyon County Jail does not allow in-person visits; all marriage ceremonies are performed in person (by Idaho law) by a Magistrate, no outside clergy.  The inmate must use the jail's internal request process by submitting a "kite" form.  The facility authorities review the request, and you will receive a notification via mail. The inmate gets information through the jail's internal process.  If the marriage request is approved, your letter from the jail will include additional instructions.  This process can take several weeks, be patient. **